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Traveling is a wonderful experience, but before leaving home you should learn all you can about essential information on health risks – and preventative measures to keep you and your loved ones safe during your travels.

Do not let your holiday dream turns into a nightmare. Instead, consult Health Venice, a website offering visitors to the most romantic city in the world constant access to information about hospitals, first aid points, defibrillators, pharmacies and much more – helping to ensure a peaceful, and above all healthy stay!


Remember to bring with you:
> your health card and proof of identity;
> a medical card completed by your general practitioner / pediatrician with reasons for past or recent hospitalization and a concise description of any previous illnesses, including any allergies;
> details of any treatment you are currently having, including photocopies of medical records relating to previous hospitalizations, all medical examinations and diagnostic tests already performed, e.g. X-rays, ECG, blood tests, urine etc. Also bring details of your blood group – and if you don’t know it, find out from your doctor before your trip;
> any medications of the usual type that might come in useful, such as laxatives,painkillers or cough syrups, or anything you have that you use on a daily basis.

For citizens of European Union countries
> identity document, plus your TEAM card (Tessera europea di assistenza malattie) and/or
> Identity document, and EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card)

For citizens of countries outside the European Union (foreigners: immigrants and stateless persons):
> Passport or other equivalent document.
> The Italian authorities also issue leaflets containing information relating to trade and commerce, insurance, residence permits etc.

For emergency services call 118
(SUEM, the Servizio di Urgenza ed Emergenza Medica)
This is the equivalent of dialing 999 in the UK or 911 in the USA)


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