The Regatta of Ancient Maritime Republics is a yearly competition on eight-oared galleons between the four Italian Maritime Republics that sailed the seas in medieval times and it is hosted, in turn, on the Mediterranean at Amalfi and Genoa, on the Arno in Pisa and on the lagoon in Venice, in order to celebrate the history and memories of these four world-famous cities.

This spectacular boat race is always preceded by a great historical parade during which each “Republic” recalls important historical events related to their own maritime history: artists wearing historic period costumes, flags and festoons, trumpets and drums create a gripping performance.

Four boats, called “galleons”, represent the four seafaring Republics and each one is marked by different colours and figureheads: deep blue with a winged horse for Amalfi; white with a griffon for Genoa; crimson with an eagle for Pisa; and emerald green the St. Mark’s lion for Venice. They compete in a two thousand-metre race, each crew bearing their Republic’s colours.

The celebration ends with the awarding of the coveted golden trophy realized by the Scuola Orafa Fiorentina representing a galleon supported by four hippocampus and the Four Republics’ emblems. Then, the trophy is held for one year by the city whose team won the Regatta and then is returned and offered again as the prize of the next Regatta.

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