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Shakespeare in Venice

This year marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, an event which has brought an appreciation all around the world, especially in Veneto: from Romeo and Juliet’s ‪Verona‬, to The merchant of Venice and Othello’s ‪‎Venice‬, Shakespeare’s fascination with ‪Italy‬ and this‬ region is a constant of his work.

Here you can find some of the most fascinating events held in his honour across Venice!


from March to December 2016, 60 shows in the original languages, in the cities of the Veneto region where they were set by William Shakespeare.


WHERE Ca’ Sagredo
WHEN March, 2 – 16; April, 6 – 20; June, 8; July, 6; August, 24; September, 28; October, 26; November, 16 – 30; December, 7


Beauty overwhelmed by love, love overwhelmed by jealousy. Othello, Desdemona, Iago: passion, love, hate. A traveling show where each scene is set in a different hall of one of the most fascinating Venetian Palaces.

Ca’ Sagredo, the wonderful Venetian Palace on the Grand Canal, takes its name from the last noble Venetian family who has owned and loved it. The façade onto the Grand Canal is proof of the Byzantine origin of the building, which was altered several times in subsequent centuries.


WHERE Palazzo Marin
WHEN May, 18; June, 23; July, 27; August, 10; September, 14; October, 12; December, 21


Money for love against revenge! Antonio for Bassanio, Portia for Bassanio, Portia against Shylock: can the Jew demand a pound of meat from The Merchant of Venice?

A noble Palace, its history and its rooms to get to the process!
Palazzo Marin, a cozy Venetian Palazzo of the sixteenth century between Santa Maria del Giglio e il Gran Teatro La Fenice. On the wellhead in the inner courtyard testify that the building belonged to the Marin family, who oversaw the restoration and renovation of the interior decoration starting from 1760.



In the last week of July, 2016 (26th-31st of July) Venice will host the first ever performance of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in the Ghetto, where the play is ideally set. This project is a collaboration between Compagnia de’ Colombari and Ca’ Foscari University Venice.


WHERE Ghetto, Cannaregio
WHEN Tuesday July 26, 2016 at dusk; Wednesday July 27, 2016 at dusk; Thursday July 28, 2016 at dusk; Friday July 29, 2016 at 5pm; Sunday July 31, 2016 at dusk; Monday August 1, 2016 at dusk.
MORE INFO Visit for interesting details and practical information about the performance, on how to purchase tickets, etc.

Shylock, one of the main characters of this famous play, is possibly the most famous Venetian jew of all times. He was not a real character, but this, after all, remains a detail.


SHAKESPEARE IN VENICE SUMMER SCHOOL (2nd edition of Shylock Project)

Would you like to experience the show as part of a full-immersion experience in the world of Shakespeare’s Venice, under the guidance of the leading scholars in the field?
The Merchant in Venice was elaborated during the Shylock Project, an intensive summer school held in San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice in June-July 2015. There the leading world Shakespeare scholars interacted with the Colombari Company to offer a shining program of seminars, lectures and a first performance of selected scenes from the play, in collaboration with the Giorgio Cini Foundation and Ca’ Foscari University.

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