Terms and Conditions



1) Introduction

The contract is entered into between VeniceIN and the Customer for the temporary use of the property and for any additional services. It is governed by the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT indicated in this document. The Company, VeniceIN, by special arrangement with the owner of the chosen property, is authorized to offer the customer a range of additional services in relation to the accommodation being let.

2) Definitions

For simplicity, the following definitions are used in this document:

a) Company: VeniceIN

b) Customer: The person or company that requests the reservation

c) Owner: The person or company that lets the property

3) Reservation
The apartment and additional services can be booked in the following ways:

a) through the www.venicein.com website

b) by e-mail at booking@venicein.com

c) by phone, using the numbers on the website

4) Conclusion and type of contract

The contract will be considered effective from the moment in which the Company receives the full amount payable in respect of the letting and any additional services requested.

5) Price and method of payment

– Bank transfer

If the reservation is for less than or equal to 30 nights, the full amount is to be paid by bank transfer within 48 hours of the reservation being made.

– PayPal

If the reservation is for less than or equal to 30 nights, the full amount is paid via PayPal at the time the reservation is made.

– Credit Card

If the reservation is for less than or equal to 30 nights, the full amount is paid by credit card within 24 hours of the reservation being made.

The price includes:

– rental of the entire apartment for the number of nights and for the number of guests specified.

– initial and final cleaning of the apartment

– bedlinen, towels and kitchen linen for the number of beds provided.

– the welcoming service on arrival

– any additional services that were added to the cart

The price does not include:

– the welcoming service after 22:30

– any additional services that were requested after reservation was made

6) Security deposit

The Customer is required to pay a security deposit as a guarantee that contractual obligations will be fulfilled and for any damage that the Customer may cause. This amount will vary according to the apartment chosen.

This deposit is to be paid by the Customer at check-in and will be returned to the Customer within 72 hours of checkout, after the property has been checked and any balance for extra services not included in the amount already paid has been deducted. The amount due will be returned to the Customer by the same method in which it was paid by the Customer.

Guests may be liable to pay additional costs if damage exceeds the amount of the security deposit.

7) Cancellation, termination and early termination

a) if a cancellation is made at least 15 days before arrival, the Company will charge a cancellation fee equal to 20 % of the total amount already paid.

b) if a cancellation is made less than 15 days before arrival, the Company will charge a cancellation fee equal to 50 % of the total amount already paid.

c) if a cancellation is made less than 7 days before arrival, the Company will charge a cancellation fee equal to 100 % of the total amount already paid.

d) if the Customer decides not to take advantage of an additional service that was booked, the Company will charge an amount to 100 % of the total additional service in question.

8) Check-in and Checkout

8.1) On the day of check-in, you will be asked for a copy of an identity document or passport.

8.2) The check-in and checkout time can be agreed with our representative.

8.3) If the day of check-in coincides with the checkout of a previous reservation, the check-in time must be after 14.30 pm. If the day of checkout coincides with the check-in day of a subsequent reservation, the checkout time will be no later than 11.00 am. If the customer does not vacate the accommodation within the specified checkout times, he will be liable to pay a supplement of € 30.00 for each hour the accommodation is occupied beyond 11.00 am.

8.4) Before vacating the accommodation the customer must tidy the kitchen / kitchenette, remove all perishable/already-opened food from the refrigerator and leave it in rubbish bags outside the apartment or in the appropriate rubbish containers, taking care to comply with the local regulations concerning sorted waste collection.

9) Key handover

Unless otherwise agreed, the keys will be handed over by a representative of the Company at the property itself. When the keys are handed over the Customer will sign a lease agreement for the property and an agreement for the supply of any services.

If keys are lost or damaged the customer will be required to reimburse the cost the lock, its replacement, and four keys. Under no circumstances is the Customer to give keys or divulge access codes to third parties.

10) Alternative property

In the case of force majeure, or for reasons beyond the control of the Company, the Company undertakes to offer the customer an alternative property of equal standard to the one booked, if available for the period of the contract, without prejudice to the Customer’s right to terminate the contract and for the Company to repay the full amount paid. No additional amount will be payable by the Company for whatever reason.

11) Obligations of the Customer

a) The customer undertakes to keep the property and contents clean and in a good condition and take care not to cause any damage.

b) The customer will not disturb other residents of the building

c) The property will not be used for the purposes of prostitution

d) Unless otherwise agreed, animals may not be kept in the property

e) The Customer will take all the necessary precautions to prevent the access of unauthorized persons and to prevent theft. The Company will not be liable under any circumstances for direct or indirect losses suffered by the Customer if the theft is attributable to the negligence of the Customer. The Customer will be required to reimburse an amount equivalent to the cost of repair of any damage to the property, its contents or their theft.

f) The Customer will provide the Company with a copy of his identity document and those of any other guests and hereby guarantees that he and the other guests are in possession of documents as may be necessary, including residence permits, for their stay in Italy.

If the Customer knowingly and wilfully makes a false statement, he will be required to leave the property immediately and the Company will retain all the amounts left as a deposit and any payments already made without prejudice to the right of the Company to request further damages

g) The Customer undertakes not to provide accommodation for people other than those or in numbers greater than those provided for in the contract. If the Customer does not comply with this clause, the Company may deny the Customer access to the property.

h) The Customer agrees to give back the apartment in the same condition in which it was received.
The Customer also undertakes not to make changes of any nature to the apartment. By way of illustration but not of limitation you may not: alter the arrangement of the furniture, paint walls or attach furnishings or decorative items to walls that in any way detract from the nature of the apartment

12) Express termination clause

The Company is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect under the following circumstances:

– failure to comply with any of the points stipulated in the contract

– conduct not in keeping with the normal tenancy of the property

In any of these cases, the Company is entitled to keep any amounts that have already been paid by the Customer without prejudice to the right of the Company to request further damages.

13) Limitations of Liability

– The Company and the owner of the apartment under no circumstances will be held responsible in the event of burglary, theft or break-in, for personal items belonging to the tenant whether in a safe or left unattended in the apartment.

– The tenant will be held responsible in the event of theft of objects that are part of the furnishings and /or contents of the apartment, if it were to be established that the tenant was acting in bad faith.

– Under no circumstances will the Company or the owner of the apartment be held responsible in the event of an accident involving the tenant in the rented apartment. The owner has taken out specific property insurance to cover civil liability for the property.

– The Company and the owner shall be exempt from any liability for damage to third parties, whether direct and indirect, for causes attributable to the tenant.

14) Various

The Customer guarantees to grant the authorized personnel of the Company access to the property to carry out repair work, upon notification to the customer of the date and time.

The Company is not responsible for the interruption of accessory services such as the Internet and /or utilities such as electricity, gas and water supplies over which it has no control.

In the event of problems during the tenancy, the Customer is kindly requested to contact the VeniceIN staff who will try to provide a timely solution. Under no circumstances will you be entitled for a reimbursement, from either the Company or Owner, for any claim presented after departure.

15) Privacy policy

The Customer authorizes the Company to disclose to third parties his personal information for purposes related to this contract. The Company is the data controller of the personal data provided by the Customer and informs him, pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 (Data Protection), that personal data processing will be only for purposes related to the temporary holiday lease and for any accessory services booked.